Vendor Terms & Conditions

  Terms & Conditions   (.pdf file)

1.       When the Supplier wants to change the product, process, procedures, equipment or specifications, it must acquire Stork Precision Machining approval before changing product design, content, specifications, process requirements, technical data or requirements.

2.       When required, suppliers shall provide evidence of qualification of personnel when requested by Stork Precision Machining.

3.       Suppliers and Sub-Suppliers to Stork Precision Machining shall maintain a quality management system compliant to minimum of ISO 9001 or AS 9100.

4.       The Supplier shall provide the identification, and revision status of specifications, drawings, process requirements, inspection/verification instructions and other relevant technical data when requested by Stork Precision Machining.

5.       The Supplier shall notify Stork Precision Machining of nonconforming product when found in its facility or if found at another customer from the same lot number.

6.       Obtain Stork Precision Machining approval of nonconforming product disposal at Stork Precision Machining facility.

7.       Notify Stork Precision Machining of changes in product and or process, changes of the Supplier’s raw material suppliers, changes of manufacturing facility locations and obtain Stork Precision Machining approval in writing before making those changes.

8.       Stork Precision Machining requires its suppliers to provide test specimens when requested.

9.       Supplier and its sub-suppliers shall notify Stork Precision Machining and appropriate regulatory authorities should they find counterfeit materials or product that were intended or delivered.

10.   When informed by Stork Precision Machining, the Supplier shall maintain technical test records and verification records, when product compliance testing records must be retained. Stork Precision Machining will inform the Supplier of the retention period if less than 10 years.

11.   Stork Precision Machining, its Customer(s) and regulatory authorities retain the right to access all applicable Supplier organization’s manufacturing areas and review product validation or quality records with 24-hour notice.

12.   The Supplier is to flow down to their supply chain the applicable Stork Precision Machining requirements including final customer requirements.

13.   Supplier shall respond to Corrective Action Reports/Request within 14 days. Failure to respond within 14 days and Stork Precision Machining may not provide payment of any and all open invoices until a properly filed Corrective Action Report is sent to our company.

14.   Stork Precision Machining requires its Calibration Services to provide documentation, traceable to NIST measurement standards.

15.   Supplier will ensure persons working on Stork Precision Machining products/materials are aware of:

a.       Their contribution to product conformity

b.       Their contribution to product safety,

c.       And the importance of ethical behavior.